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Domaine Anne-Sophie & Jean-François Quénard

Domaine Anne-Sophe & Jean François Quénard is a family driven producer managing 13 hectares of vineyards in Chignin, in Southern Savoie (100 kilometres south of Geneva).

The vineyards are located on the pre-alps on limestone and calcareous clay at about 400-500 metres of altitude. Harvesting only by hand. Organic farming but not yet certified (planned for 2023).

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Domaine Chevallier Bernard

Domaine Chevallier Bernard is a small family driven producer in Jongieux, north of Chambery in Savoie (100 kilometres east of Lyon and 80 kilometres south of Geneva). They manage 13 hectares with focus on local varieties like Altesse, Jacquère and Mondeuse Noire, but also international ones like Gamay and Chardonnay.

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Domaine Louis Magnin

Domaine Louis Magnin is a small family driven producer managing only 3 hectares of vineyards in Arbin, in Southern Savoie (100 kilometres south of Geneva). Focus on Mondeuse Noire, the primary red grape variety in Savoie.

Louis Magnin operates with great care both in the vineyard and in the winery; minimises additives and since 2012 certified for organic farming in France*. Biodynamic principles are followed for the most part, too, but without formal certification.

* Note that even though Louis Magnin is certified organic in France, the wines are not marketed as organic (“ekologiska”) in Sweden as Souplesse Wines have not yet applied for distributional certification.

Domaine Partagé Gilles Berlioz

Domaine Partagé Gilles Beriloz is running their vinyards and winery in very close harmony with nature. Bio has been in focus together with sustainable production for more than two decades.

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