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Jean-François Quénard: Roussette de Savoie ‘Anne-Sophie’

100% Altesse, matured for one year each in oak barrels and steel tanks.

Jean-François Quénard: Roussette de Savoie ‘Anne-Sophie’

Grape variety Altesse from the year of 2018 (early ripening, harvest and highly concentrated yield). Around 6,600 were produced. Powerful Altesse with high acid; floral and exotic tones combined with brioche and secondary/oak aromas.

Producer: Anne-Sophie & Jean-François Quénard
Region: Savoie, Frankrike
Grape variety: Altesse (100%)
Vintage: 2018
Classification: Roussette de Savoie
Viticulture: Limestone. Manual harvest.
Vinification: Only natural yeasts. Fermentation in 600 litre barrels. Two years of maturation, half oak and half steel.
Alcohol: 13.0 %

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